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Join us in our multi-aged studios: the one-room classroom environments make space for collaboration and exploration, blending age and style for a holistic learning experience.

Spark Studio

(Ages 4-6)

Mixed age Montessori environment.

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Elementary School Studio

(Ages 6-9, 9-12)

Coming soon.

Middle School Studio

(Ages 12-14)

Coming soon.

Launch Pad

Coming soon.

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A Typical Day

A typical school day revolves around three blocks of time:

  • In the mornings, students work towards their self-generated goals. They utilize Montessori manipulative (Spark Studio) or the latest in educational technology (Elementary Studios and higher) and support each other to master the foundational reading, writing, arithmetic and foreign language skills.
  • The afternoons are reserved for working on real-world group and individual projects. Students will be starting businesses, producing plays, publishing books, developing games, and so on. Individually, they will work with the Guide to discover and develop their unique talents and passions.
  • Each day, time is also provided for either physical education, art, music or participating in Socratic dialogues.

This is fundamentally different than traditional schooling today. No bells ringing every 50 minutes. No lecturing. No one-size-fits-all approach. Just student-driven learning. By the time they reach high school age, our students will be expected to spend 30-50% of their time off campus doing internships, volunteering, starting their own business and chasing their dreams.

A Day in the Life