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Family Testimonials

The Acton community and life experience provide our son the best possible environment in which to develop. You empower kids to an unparalleled degree. We truly believe this, relative to all other educational options. Every Acton parent goes to sleep each night thankful for the opportunity to be in this moment.

Charlie & Pam M.

There is not another school on the face of the Earth where we’d rather our daughter go. It’s truly mind-boggling good fortune, and we owe it all to you and Jeff.

Jamie J. & Jandri F.

Why am I happy my kids are at Acton Academy? To boil down five years of the best, most unexpected gift is like boiling down a small sea. Our kids have developed confidence to learn independently, lead with compassion, and develop focus without losing curiosity. Learning to integrate the balance of freedom and accountability is having positive impacts in both school and family life.

Yolanda K.

The fact that Acton demands excellence and mastery is the ONLY reason our daughter could even dream of applying to a top university. At Acton, she was not handicapped by being a ‘late bloomer.’ She has had both the room to find herself and the accountability to rise up. Acton is the place she has learned to find and be her best self.

Sandy Y.

If you are ready to reinvent education for your family, I encourage you to connect with us and attend an open house. We look forward to meeting your family.