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Is Creator's House a good fit for my family?

Question #2

You Know You're a Creator's House Parent If...

Families who thrive in a learner-driven community, like Creator’s House, often have these 4 things in common. If all of these resonate with you as a parent, Creator’s House just might be a good fit for your family:

Lifelong Learner

Curiosity, exploration and discovery are pillars in your family. You welcome surprises over being right. Eager to learn to learn, do and be.


Developing a working understanding of the subjects studied is sought after over simply recalling facts about what has been taught.  Mastery is the goal, not memorization.

The Gift of Accountability

Personal accountability is embraced as a way to develop character and responsibility.

Heroic Approach to Life

Each person in the family, parent and child alike, is on a Hero’s Journey.  Setbacks are seen as opportunities to transform, learn and grow.

Who's Not a Fit: It's All in the Response to "The Struggle"

Let’s be real. As parents, we ALL struggle with the following (some more than others):

Need to be in Control

Need to be Right

Need to look good to others

Parents who choose to feed these needs tend to struggle at Creator’s House in ways that are not helpful for their families.

Parents who look for ways to transform these needs into personal growth opportunities tend to thrive in the Creator’s House community.

The Importance of Philosophical Alignment

Families that are most likely to thrive tend to be those where BOTH parents AND the young learner are in alignment with Creator’s House’s philosophical foundation.

​When either a parent or learner has not “bought in” to this particular educational model, the family may struggle to find balance between expectations, accountability, engagement and overall learning experience.

Not everyone is a fit for Creator’s House, and that’s OK! It’s better to figure that out now and invest your money, time, energy & emotions into a school that is more in line with what your family needs!