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For over a month now, we know what it has been like to adjust to the Stay Home, Stay Healthy quarantine order; to be teacher, parent and full-time employee all while feeding our families and keeping up with the loads of laundry.  The challenge has been real!  

We, at Creator’s House, have taken this past month to step back and re-evaluate how we can press into our Hero’s Journey.  We have confirmed our strong desire to come alongside you and your child, to help you discover the genius within us all.  We truly believe that each child has a unique calling that will change the world.   

As we approach the current end date, May 4th, of the Stay Home, Stay Healthy quarantine order, we find ourselves dreaming and creating.  We see a need in the community and are rising up to meet that need.  We are excited to offer Summer Studio Sessions immediately after the social distancing measures have relaxed. The Summer Studio Sessions will extend until the end of July. 

We are concerned about the health and safety of our children and community, so we are opening the Summer Studio Sessions to just 9 children (ages 5 to 9).  Space is limited!  We will be processing applications and auditions in the order they are received, so we invite you to start the process now.  Click here to apply!    

Want to know more about Acton Academy and what learner driven communities like ours are all about?  Sign up for this FREE Believe in Heroes Summit sponsored by Acton Academy of the Rubies and prepare to be blown away by what the future of learning is all about: