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Our learning community is growing and word is getting out! So thankful for you to be journeying with us.  We wanted to share with you all on some exciting updates:

  1. Our Spark Studio (ages 4-6) will be starting on January 6. We’ll be kicking off with an exciting 4-week Quest called “Build the Studio” to get the creators dreaming and helping build out their own space.  Yes, our learning community will be moving to a new venue in Kirkland (just south of Bothell) in time for the launch.
  2. Many people have asked some great questions and wanted to know more about Creator’s House.  Questions like “What is Creator’s House and how is it different from other schools?”, “Is Creator’s House a good fit for my family?”, “How much does it cost to attend?” or “When will you launch an older studio?” etc.  We’ve put together a very comprehensive Info Kit to help answer these questions.  You can request yours by filling out this form.
  3. For those of you who have been waiting for an Elementary Studio or even a Middle School Studio, there’s information in the kit for you too.  Also, something you can do right away!
  4. Children’s Business Fair is on April 4, 2020. It’s the biggest children’s business fair in Seattle, join us to observe the opportunity for children to launch their very own startup business!  Kids will develop a brand, create a product or service, build a marketing strategy, and then open for customers at our one-day marketplace. 

We wish you a joyful new year 2020!