Self-Regulation Using Tools of the Mind

By September 4, 2018 Public
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Current research shows that self- regulation (both cognitive and social- emotional) has a stronger association with school readiness than IQ or entry-level reading or math skills. Good self-regulation includes the ability to stay on task, ignore distractions, and hold two strategies in mind at the same time, as well as the development of self-discipline and the motivation to succeed. Aspects of self-regulation such as the ability to pay attention, remember on purpose, plan one’s actions, reflect on one’s thinking, and cooperate and act empathetically toward peers, heavily influence a child’s future success in school. Inadequate self-regulation is associated with discipline problems and poor social adjustment.

Tools of the Mind focuses on developing both cognitive and social-emotional self-regulation skills at the same time that academic skills are being taught.  Our learners in the Eagle’s Nest will be using an adapted version of the Tools of the Mind curriculum to build up self-regulation skills that will prepare them not only for the Elementary Studio but more importantly, for life.

Read up more on what Tools of the Mind is all about.  Here, also, is a useful brochure.